Missed a bug with photo posting in version 1.3.4, so Micro.blog for iOS 1.3.5 is now out. Thanks everyone.

→ 2018/04/21 12:19 pm

Demo of Micro.blog 1.3.4

We shipped version 1.3.4 of the Micro.blog iOS app. It includes a bunch of photo-related improvements and bug fixes, including better support for non-square photos.

We’re on a bit of a roll with Micro.blog, shipping microcast hosting, our brand new app Wavelength, a new blog theme, and this iOS update all in the last week. Great time to join or come back to the platform.

Love seeing new photo blogs like this one at burk.photos, hosted on Micro.blog. Great way to own your photos, whether you cross-post to Instagram or don’t.

→ 2018/04/19 9:04 am

It’s possible to be too pragmatic. I’d rather hope for something better and fail than be stuck accepting the way things are.

→ 2018/04/18 2:20 pm

Wavelength 1.0.2

We just wrapped up a bunch of improvements to the initial Wavelength for Micro.blog app. Here are the changes:

  • Updated MP3s to 128 kbps, mono. We’ll consider adding a preference for quality and stereo in the future.
  • Fixed playback volume using correct iPhone speaker.
  • Fixed a few potential crashes and improved publishing error messages.
  • Fixed Auphonic username field to not use auto-correct.
  • Fixed glitches with consistently using external microphones.
  • Fixed error sometimes when splitting segments.

I recorded and edited the last 2 episodes of Timetable exclusively with Wavelength on my iPhone X. It’s really great to see some new microcasts pop up over the last few days. Thanks for trying it out!

Changed the default Micro.blog profile photo from the Gravatar image to a simple gray. Best to upload a custom profile photo. If you’ve uploaded one recently, it also saves a higher resolution version for podcast cover art.

→ 2018/04/15 11:56 am

Rolled out some fixes to the new Marfa theme on Micro.blog, updating the page headers and footer.

→ 2018/04/14 5:08 pm

Fixed an issue with upgrading hosted sites from trials that I missed when we added the new microcast plan to Micro.blog.

→ 2018/04/14 4:08 pm

Added a new Micro.blog theme today for hosted sites: Marfa, based on a theme by @mmarfil, inspired by the Cactus theme. Enjoy!

→ 2018/04/13 4:50 pm