As I mentioned in my IndieWeb Summit wrap-up, I added support for IndieBookClub while in Portland. IndieBookClub is a little like Goodreads, but built on standards like Microformats and Micropub so that you can post what youโ€™re reading to your own blog.

Now that Iโ€™m back in Austin, Iโ€™ve tweaked the behavior to be smarter about recognizing the ISBN that IndieBookClub sends to Posts from IndieBookClub also get the ๐Ÿ“š emoji added automatically so that they show up in the books Discover section on Hereโ€™s a screenshot of what posts look like on your site:

Screenshot of IndieBookClub post

If the ISBN is specified, will redirect the link to Amazon, although we may change that in the future. And itโ€™s just a regular blog post, so you can always edit it using Markdown in

Manton Reece @manton
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