Travel budgets

I’m trying to stick to a budget for business travel this year. It can be notoriously expensive to attend WWDC, for example, and in past years I’ve certainly blown through thousands of dollars on the trip. This page will document my attempt to get the costs down.

WWDC 2018 in San Jose:

  • Fairmont Hotel: $982 total with fees for 4 nights. Booked months ago, got a better price by arriving Saturday and leaving Wednesday.
  • Austin β†’ San Jose on Southwest: $314 round-trip. Not a direct flight.
  • WWDC conference ticket: $0. I’m not attending the conference.
  • Car rental: $120. I drove up to San Francisco on Sunday. Includes topping off the gas and hotel parking.
  • Lyft: $15. Not much since friends ended up covering a few rides.
  • Food and drinks: $292.
  • Walt Disney Family Museum: $9.

Total for the trip: $1732.

A few photos: Santa Clara Valley Brewing, Voltaire Coffee House, and the Glen Keane exhibit. Special thanks to everyone who made it to the meetup.

IndieWebSummit 2018 in Portland:

  • Airbnb: $637 for 3 nights. There aren’t many hotels close to the venue. This is for an entire apartment to myself.
  • Austin β†’ Portland on Southwest: $373 round-trip.
  • Food and drinks: $150 (estimate)

Estimated budget: $1160

Manton Reece @manton
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